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Uniform - From September 2024


Schoolsin supply the school uniform and PE kit for Ryecroft C.E. Middle School.  Their full contact details are as follows:
41 Weston Road                                                  01782 310111
Meir                                                                      www.schoolsinuniform.co.uk  the website is open 24/7
Stoke on Trent                                                      sales@schoolsinuniform.co.uk
Staffordshire   ST3 6AB
Shop Opening Hours 
Monday: 09:30 – 17:00
Tuesday: 09:30– 17:00
Wednesday: 09:30 – 17:00
Thursday: Closed
Friday: 09:30 – 17:00
Saturday: 09:30 – 16:00
Sunday: Closed


Uniform can also be purchased online 24/7 via their website: www.schoolsinuniform.co.uk.   You will be given a delivery choice of: 

· Delivery to your home address – £4.95 charge for this service
· Click and collect from any Schoolsin shop - FREE of charge
· Collect form Ryecroft C E Middle School  - FREE of charge.  Please allow 7—10 working days for delivery to school

School Ties are available from both the shop and school at a cost of £5.99 each.  Payment for school purchases to be made via your child’s ParentPay account

Photograph of New School Uniform - From September 2024
Photograph of New Full Box Pleated Skirt - From September 2024

Boy’s Uniform

· Grey school trousers (not cords, chinos or jeans)
· Grey school shorts—Summer Term Only (not beach or cycling)
· Navy blue school blazer with school logo
· Plain navy v-neck jumper
· Plain white shirt (top button must be fastened and not visible, shirt must be tucked into trousers)
· Blue school tie - must be worn at the correct length
· Black plain socks
· Black shoes you can polish (not trainers or heavy working boots)
Girl’s Uniform

· Regulation knee length grey box pleated skirt (no other skirt is acceptable), or              
· Grey school trousers — straight-legged with waistband (not bootleg, cropped, skinny or hipsters) and no buttons, embellishments, trims or belts
· Navy blue school blazer with school logo
· Plain navy blue v-necked jumper. No cardigans
· White shirt with turned down collar for wearing with a tie (can be a fitted blouse - top button must be fastened and not visible, shirt must betucked into skirt or trousers).
· Blue school tie - must be worn at the correct length
· Black socks or black lycra tights?????
· Black flat shoes you can polish with flat or moderate broad heels.  No boots 

A single plain (gold or silver) stud is allowed but only one per lobe - these must be removed during their Physical Education lessons. No other visible body piercing is permitted.

Hair Styles:

Hair should be kept in a clean and tidy condition. Exaggerated styles, excessive hair accessories or exaggerated colours are not acceptable e.g. tram lines, number one haircuts

Naming Clothes:

We ask that all clothes, shoes and personal belongings are clearly marked with the pupil's name as children are forgetful on occasions.

The school is proud of the high standard of dress and appearance of its pupils.  It is hoped that parents will continue to give the school their support with this.

Art & Technology:

Both boys and girls will need an apron for the Food Technology element of Technology.  They will also need a separate over-shirt or apron for Art lessons. These help considerably in the care of clothing during practical lessons.

Physical Education Kit:


If for any reason a pupil is unable to participate in a P.E. lesson, i.e. due to illness, they must still have their P.E. kit with them as there are non-physical elements that they can participate in and be a part of the lesson and/or the learning process.  A letter from a parent/carer detailing their illness, or injury must also be handed into their PE teacher or the office to be informed.

Gymnastics and Dance Athletics and Cross Country In addition and depending on the weather - sun hat, sun cream, waterproof coat, warm hat, thermals/skins

SWIMMING – Year 6 Pupils Only
Girls – One piece swimming costume – Swimming hat if hair is shoulder length or longer and Towel.
Boys – Trunks (not swim shorts) – Swimming hat if hair is shoulder length and towel.

Wearing of goggles - A letter of permission written and signed by parent or guardian.

Cycling  - Helmets and bikes are provided by the school Own cycling gloves (if they already have them)

Games In addition and depending on the weather - sun hat, sun cream, waterproof coat, warm hat, thermals/skins.
Football – Football boots and trainers – navy blue long socks and shin pads. Hat, gloves and thermals/skins may be worn in colder weather.
Tag Rugby – Football boots and trainers – navy blue long socks and mouth guard (molded prior to lessons). Hat and skins/thermals may be worn in colder weather.

Hockey – Trainers and trainers – navy blue long socks, shin pads and mouth guard (molded prior to lessons).  Hat and thermals/skins may be worn in colder weather.
Trainers must be brought in with PE kit as standard, even if the pupils are to wear football boots for the lesson in case the environment is unsuitable outside and the lesson changes to an indoor lesson.

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