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Psalm 23:1-4 The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want


At Ryecroft C.E. Middle School we aim to be a department that leads the way in terms of: the quality of education, the behaviour and attitudes of pupils as well as leadership and management. We will have an ambitious and coherently planned curriculum, taught by passionate and inspiring adults, that appropriately challenges all learners in order to create equality of opportunity. Pupils will acquire knowledge and skills for future learning and employment.  In the English department, our curriculum is built on 3 pillars:

1.       That knowledge is important to all thinking in English.
2.       That we understand new things in relation to what we already know.
3.       That retrieving knowledge helps us to remember it for longer.

English forms the basis for our development, relationships and our understanding of the world around us. The study of English is key to our personal growth and through the development of effective written and spoken communication, it is the foundation for all our learning. The ability to communicate effectively, confidently and with clarity is crucial in school, but also in becoming an effective participant in our wider society with skills of communication being key to accessing the world of work and in navigating adult life. In a fast paced, global world the importance of fluent written and spoken English is crucial and it is essential that we develop these skills through an effective English curriculum.

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