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The study of English is fundamental to our personal growth. The knowledge that we gain from exposure to texts drawn from a range of genres, cultures, perspectives and time periods helps us broaden our understanding of the world, promoting curiosity, opinions and questions from our pupils.

Our vision is to provide all students with opportunities to achieve and excel through an ambitious, stimulating and coherently planned curriculum. Our curriculum is inclusive of all students and closely follows the National Curriculum Programmes of Study in English for Key Stage 2 and 3. It is delivered by passionate, inspiring adults who insist upon high standards of presentation, effort, behaviour and promote positive attitudes towards learning.

As we aim to develop both skills and knowledge, we place careful consideration on sequencing learning to ensure it becomes embedded in the long term memory.
In addition, we value English as an artistic subject to be celebrated and enjoyed. As such, we place high importance on providing rich extra-curricular opportunities  and whole school events for our pupils that promote creativity through writing, drama, debate and inspire a love of reading.

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How to AR - a guide for parents/carers

Ryecroft Recommends for KS2

Ryecroft Recommends for KS3

If you were uable to join us last week for our KS2 workshop, take a look here at what was shared:  KS2 PARENT FLUENCY WORKSHOP


*New for Key Stage 2!*

This year, we have introduced Spelling Shed to Year 5 and 6 in order to support pupils with spelling. In school, teachers will follow the scheme to introduce spelling rules. For homework, pupils should log in and complete their set assignment, which will reinforce the learning completed in class. As word lists can be personalised on Spelling Shed, we will also be able to set homework to target gaps in spelling knowledge for individual pupils if required.

Spelling Shed enables pupils to explore and retain spelling patterns and rules rather than relying solely on the rote learning of word lists. It does this by providing them with a range of spelling games that enable them to learn as they play.  Take a look at the pupil guide presentation below, then get busy spelling! Here's a link to the Spelling Shed website: Spelling Shed

Spelling Shed Pupil Guide

Spelling Shed - Spelling Shed - The Science of Spelling

*New for Key Stage 3 Spring term 2022*

Have a look at the Spring term knowledge organisers for Year 7 and Year 8 here: KS3 Spring term knowledge organisers


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