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Psalm 23:1-4 The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want

The Ryecroft Prayer

The Ryecroft Prayer
In our school day there is much to thank you for, but we ask. . .
Guide us through strife and insecurity and when sadness finds us,
let your wisdom and confidence be there.
As we use technology, may you help us store our memories ,
let us keep them forever
If we use social media, help us to not get lost or lose what is important,
let us also follow you.
We are at the beginning, with a long path ahead,
let our journey be safe, wherever and however we travel.
And when the path forks, help us choose what is right,
when life tests us, help us then.
As we think of others, our family and friends,
let our love find them, with the colours of creativity.
Our prayer is for a bright future with doors open to us,
let your light guide us, we can count on you.
Remind us that we are only human and mere molecules ,
let us experiment with all we can be.
When the noise of the world drowns out our voice,
let your words reach us, as we read and write.
We have much we know our lives are wonderful, but for others with less,
let them too see your light, and feel it fill their bodies.
Help us succeed, as we write our future with hard work and determination. . . .today,
tomorrow and as long as we live.
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